About Weiss Andersen

Per Weiss Andersen was born in Denmark in 1959.

From 1975 to 1990, music was his great passion, and it turned into countless hours in rehearsal rooms, the release of 3 albums, as well as numerous concerts, as the drummer in the Aarhus band ROX.

In parallel with his work as a musician, he studied at the School of Architecture in Aarhus, where he graduated as an industrial designer in 1988. After graduating, he worked for a short period in Friis & Moltke's design department, under Ove Rix and Elmar Moltke. It was an educational experience, which gave rise to great respect for some of the distinctive personalities on the Danish design and architecture scene. The contact was maintained and in the years around the year, 2000, Per and his family enjoyed pleasant and friendly moments with Knud Friis and Ove Rix in relation to the renovation of their house.

Since 1989, Per Weiss Andersen has been head of the Innovation Living Design Office and has been responsible for the concept, product design, and marketing. An exciting job with a focus on art and culture, as well as the perspective of ever-changing trends from a global perspective. The work resulted, among other things, in a close collaboration and friendship with Verner Panton in the years before his death in the late 90s.

Since 2010, Per Weiss Andersen, in parallel with his work as design manager for Innovation Living, has worked with graphics, visual art, and sculptures. It has resulted in a number of works, most of which are made as mixed media on Cyclus paper made from recycled fibers. He has now selected a limited number of works that have been optimized for high-quality print on Hahnemühle paper.

“In relation to working with works of art, I am driven by enthusiasm for the free, unpredictable, and immediate creative process that often ends up having its very own life. I strive to create abstract figurative works that give the viewer the desire and opportunity for personal interpretation” Weiss Andersen 

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